Remote Desktop

The observatory is run under remote desktop through local WLAN and/or through VPN connection. A webcam with 90 degree fov allow a view inside the observatory.

Controlling Electrical Components

Velleman VM201 IP relay card is used for controlling electrical components via WLAN or Internet:

  • SiTech mount controller ON/OFF
  • Tube and secondary mirror heating ON/OFF
  • CCD camera ON/OFF
  • LED illumination ON/OFF
  • PC  ON/OFF
  • 12V Power  ON/OFF

Remote Desktop  Monitor

  • Software SIPS by Moravian Instruments Czech Republic controls CCD G2 camera with chip KAF 1603ME
  • SiTechExe mount controller with SkyView monitoring target and position of telescope - very comfortable
  • PlateSolve 2.2.5 

Horizon of South-Moravian-Observatory

SkyView shows available sky view of the observatory by using a horizon file adapted to the local situation. 

Remote in Action